Ethereum ecosystem and Web3, let's meet (London)


I have access to a very crypto friendly venue in the heart of Soho, London (UK) with meeting rooms that have projector, whiteboard etc. Plus, there is a bar, food.

It’s an opportunity to meet face to face where we can relax and shoot the breeze, brainstorm ideas for a long-term vision, to tackle the big issues, collaborate and explore how the Ethereum ecosystem and Web3 technology can help build a better world that we all want to live in.

DM me if you’re interested.


Perhaps move this post to the #happenings category.

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Updated to #happenings, thanks.

Hi Jules,

That’s an amazing opportunity for our London community!

I’m personally unsure who’s based in London but there are some crypto meetups happening in London, for example Ethereum London.

Paging this to our meetup ENS king @makoto who should be based in London, you guys may host meetup in London in near (or far) future.


I will also be at the Ethereum London Merge Party next Friday if anyone is up for a chat.