Ethereum Core Devs Meeting 36

Ethereum Core Devs Meeting 36

Friday 04/06/18 at 14:00 UTC


  1. Testing
  2. EIP 712: Add eth_signTypedData as a standard for machine-verifiable and human-readable typed data signing with Ethereum keys.
  3. EIP 665: Add precompiled contract for Ed25519 signature verification.
  4. EIP 958: Modify block mining to be ASIC resistant.
  5. EIP 960: Cap total ether supply at ~120 million.
  6. EIP process updates.
  7. Research Updates.
  8. Metropolis.
  9. Client updates.

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Notes are here:

Ping on EIP665. Are there objections to passing this in the next fork? This change would make a lot of ideas in making Ethereum interact with: DNS, HTTPS,
and email, vastly easier.

Hey @virgil if you or someone you’re working with wants to champion this, I would put list it in the wiki for starters

I’ve made a PR against EIP233 for Hardfork process that @axic wanted updated as well, where process will be making a PR to propose particular EIPs.

Do you want to present it at the CoreDev meeting in Berlin to talk more about it? Remco is proposing a precompile, and I think talking more broadly about precompiles would be helpful.