Ethereum Backend Discussion


There will be a discussion about some of the execution layer components of Ethereum and ETH2.0 including eWASM and Yul, as well as ABI standardization. Time is TBD. We wanted to get to the security community involved to colloborate on the vision for the future of the Ethereum backend, and make sure that backend is as robust as possible. This discussion will involve the Solidity and Vyper teams as well.

There is also a promising proposal being put together through #evm-evolution to update the EVM in the medium term, including static jumps and subrountines, which may be discussed alongside other technical improvements by the #evm-evolution gang, in preparation for the long term move to eWASM.

Please only add your name if you have significant research or experience with the topic. We will probably try to keep the number of participants down to manageable level and perhaps turn these into working groups if that makes sense. We will make notes available after the meeting occurs and of course remain open for comment.

This is NOT a chance for product demos, we want to make sure we discuss these important issues as a group and make the best decisions possible for the Ethereum platform.

Thread to begin discussing "Ethereum 1.0" proposals