ETHCC data ring survey

Hi guys,

I was discussing with Ed regarding conducting a survey before the EthCC data-ring discussions (similar to and . The goal is to have more “data” points while performing the data-ring discussions.

I have made a google form and would be great if we can spread it around:

@tjayrush, @jpitts what do you think?


Thanks for organizing this @ankitchiplunkar!

I noticed that the Data Ring does not have an entry in the scrolls, the result of this survey can inform how the ring charter is written.

List of Rings:

Ring charter template:

@jpitts my pleasure :slight_smile:
Do you know what is the best mechanism to spread this form around?

IMO here is best, we should Tweet about it as well.

Have tweeted the google form link would be great if you guys can retweet it.

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Two things you might add:

  • An open question, e.g. “Is there anything you’d like to see discussed?” this way people can let the group know if they have additional things to consider.
  • Brief explanation of the group, or a link to Jay’s original post Is There Interest in a Data Ring?

Made the two changes

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