Eth2 Phase 0 Specification v0.8 - status is "spec freeze"

So Eth2 Phase 0 is apparently a frozen spec. :tada:

The Phase 0 document appears to be a code-only or code-mostly “specification”, and elsewhere in the repo are tests. This approach to creating specifications poses challenges to implementers and security researchers, but is probably something which the Ethereum protocol researchers will not or cannot change.

Update: there is to be a wiki which will contain key parts of the spec.

Is there anything Magicians can do to help create a better specification for the next-generation protocol?

Can you elaborate? If you want more English-language descriptions of what’s going on, I definitely know that we’re open to it and some of us have written such things to a partial extent already.

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A lot of work has been done to elaborate on the different aspects of Phase 0, in documents, in real-time chat,, and in the implementers’ calls. And this has been done iteratively, evolving to what was released as the frozen Eth2 Phase 0 spec.

Having said that, I think that to call this a specification, all of the relevant descriptions, data structures, and codifications need to be brought together coherently into one document. And written in a way so that the intended behavior of the system and how the components interact are unambiguous.

The goal is that it would be possible for a qualified person who did not follow the evolution of Phase 0 or participate in the chats and implementers’ calls to comprehend and implement Phase 0.

It is true however that a technology cannot be developed in a vacuum, that any implementer would need to be inculcated with Eth2 culture and practices. Still, it would be helpful for Eth2 to have a solid specification in order to encourage further implementations and attracter wider security and economic review.

Also, I found this helpful resource from the IETF: Guide for Internet Standards Writers. I think that it can be repurposed for the Ethereum community, not only adapted for protocol specifications but also for ERCs and dapp infrastructure.