ETH Denver Magicians Applications and Gatherings

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Synthesized all knowledge and links to rings here:

All Google Form Respondees will be notified.

Please participate on the HackMD page and also make subsequent pages to represent your rings. We WILL use these pages for organization / notes / record keeping of the Council!

Thank you everyone for the support and response. We should all be very excited to create this Council and meet on Thursday, Feb 14th!!!


We’ve been offered space on Thursday to host rings and content.

I know @pcowgill is enthusiastic about helping out, but for sanity I will be collecting interested parties this week using this form:

Thank you everyone for your interest. We will continue to chat here.

I will likely start a new thread when all details are finalized. :raised_hands::clap::ok_hand::+1:

Original Post

I’m currently helping plan ETH Denver Content with the exceptional team. There’s a fast approaching deadline of content scheduling happening on December 11th. I would love to see some magicians attend and speak as well as form gatherings to discuss topics and rings in and around ETH Denver and BUIDL Week Colorado.

Please apply here and tag yourself in the description as a magician to have your application flagged for priority review by the team.

Also feel free to expand on this topic with any suggestions for content you’d like to see. It’s still early so there is room for improvement of the schedule but the team is eager to nail this down fast.


The business model ring was exciting. I’d love to see that conversation mature some more so the community can discover more sustainable business practices to ensure projects are well aligned with users.

Edit: a couple examples of topics I’d be interested to cover would be Continuous Organizations and ‘Fair’ ICOs

I already applied and staked my application - so I hereby retroactively tag myself as a magician.

Do we have a target date or dates for the Magicians events yet? If we can lock that down soon that would help with planning flights.

I’m happy to help organize events for the hopefully soon-to-exist Mobile Ring! (I’ll be following the steps here soon

I have also already applied and stake, so I too retroactively tag myself. :slight_smile: I’m excited to see the magicians again, let us know when we have some tentative dates.

Hey everyone, thanks for your enthusiasm and will let you know ASAP re: dates.

@pcowgill how would you like to participate? During BUIDL Week we could have you hosting Mobile and Business Rings. There will be lots of talent and voices but we would need a facilitator / MC. Are you down?

I know @owocki would be interested in bringing the business models ring to his home town!


@mattlock Sure, I’d love to host the Mobile and Business Model Rings as long as the dates work out! The later in the week the better for me. Thanks!

Are we able to give a presentation + Q&A remotely?

For those asking about dates of BUIDL Week Colorado they are Feb 11-14 and it’s going to be packed / busy with tons to learn and do. There’s a grand push to invite hackers on the Thursday 14th to get started early with workshops.

ETH Denver official is 15-17 Friday to Sunday.

@pet3rpan I will ask about remote presentations, something that’s been on my mind as well.

@pcowgill careful what you volunteer for… :rofl:

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Hey Matt!

I applied to speak about developing full-scale platforms on Ethereum (not just one-time use software, ie; ICOs or airdrops) and have also staked my application but have not heard back.

I would love to help out with some of the content for ETH Denver as well as help organize the Ring topics/scheduling for the Ethereum Magicians. I helped plan the Rings with Boris for the event in Prague and also organized and facilitated the Token Ring session.

@mattlock Let me know what I can do to help :slight_smile:

@mattlock Do we know whether the Ethereum Magicians events will be towards the beginning or the end of BUIDL week? I understand if it’s a little hard to lock down this far out, but if you do know that would be awesome. Thanks! And yep, I know what I’m getting into haha. :smiley:


Bumping the top post which has been edited to include a form where I’m gathering details from everyone interested. Please fill out and I’ll continue to update via the thread / won’t email unless all is final for reference / you volunteered.

I’ll just put it here too, LOL:


Hello fellow magicians,

I just applied and would be interested in leading discussions for the following Rings:

  • Fund Recovery
  • Signaling

Let me know if anybody else has any interest in these topics. I could also do a presentation on Signaling similar to the one I did at the Berlin summit, with recent updates and further research.