ERC and EIP Specific Groupchats

Groupchats, yeah, I know, something that’s very away from the vision of what Ethereum Magicians purpose is - create noise-free discussion to discuss technical difficulties on Ethereum.

Unfortunately, no matter how much we try - people still end up creating group chats to relevant EIPs and have discussion outside of Ethereum Magicians Forum. Which is not bad as some discussion may want to be more private. Although the nature is try to keep things open. But not everyone has time to open Magicians forum daily and so groupchats are more effective way to collaborate.

I’m sharing here some of the ERC related groupchats which I’m aware of that are topic specific.
PLEASE don’t spam them, these channels don’t have good moderation and are created purposefully for specific topic discussions. Join them if you want to contribute, introduce yourself and be active in the discussion.

General NFT Standards

Telegram: Join Group Chat - groupchat made as WG to NFT Standards Wiki

EIP-4973 Account-bound tokens

Telegram: Contact @eip4973 - groupchat made by @TimDaub for SBT relevant discussion

Music NFT Metadata Standards Working group

Telegram: Join Group Chat - This fork of initial NFT Standards WG, working on Music NFT Metadata


Ethereum Wallets - and anything related to URLs

Any others that should be on the list ? Please link them bellow