ERC-777 Discussion

Jordi Baylina presented on the subject of ERC-777 at DappConn:

The repo and reference implementation:

Discussion on the GitHub issue:

“Everything you need to know” overview of ERC-777 by @alexvandesande on reddit:

“ERC-777 A New Advanced Token Standard” by Ankur Daharwal


We were tracking 777 at my last company for the last 6 - 8 months.

It has lots of great improvements. Education around this as the next best standard for new tokens that are created, and then having Wallets and Exchanges support it is the challenge.

I think education and example solidity contracts are the area where this group can help the most. And implementations that inter-work.


Hello all, the current status of this standard is that we are very close to go to LAST_CALL. We are still having some discussions on operatorsList / defaultOperators but we hope to close this debate in the upcoming days.

If there is no more big issue, we will proceed to set it to LAST_CALL.

Please, for any comment related to the standard join the conversation here:

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