ERC-7625: Smart Contract ID & Tokenization Standard

Looking to gain as much feedback as possible for erc-7625 and open to taking on co contributors as well.

My idea is simple and I believe a standard where contractId’s can be assigned as tokenId’s are to NFT’s can create a robust marketplace opportunity for smart contracts to be aquired and/or a new layer of functionality added to NFT’s attached to RWA’s.

Please feel free to reach out to me on here, looking forward to connecting with some of you to make this proposal and standard the best it can be.

the git for erc-7625 can be found here

let me know your honest thoughts and if you have any input in relation to the interface or naming conventions. I went with ‘contractId’ as to not conflict with any tokenId conventions commonly found in NFT’s.

(GitHub - SaulBuilds/erc7625Draft)

I also have a github with further forms of the reference implementation and the start to my test suite. Penetration testing and more fuzz testing tomorrow. Thanks for the look everyone.