ERC-7580: Inter dapp tracking inferface

Discussion for Add ERC: Inter dapp tracking inferface by wartstone · Pull Request #165 · ethereum/ERCs · GitHub .

This proposal aims to establish an inter-dapp tracking standard inferface for dapp interactions and support for more complicated business logics.

Imaging we have two roles here: promotion/ads business role and projects role who adopted the promotion service. And project contracts implemented the interface listed in the erc.

Currently the routine would go something like this:

  1. projects get a seed id (hash) from promotion side
  2. before the target promotion action starts, project contracts called the interface ‘onTrackStart(id, contract_address, function_hash)’
  3. after the target promotion action ends, project contracts called the inferface ‘onTrackEnd(id, contract_address, function_hash)’
  4. promotion contract collect the project action info and distribute the rewards back to projects

any interesting idea are welcome

We’re ready to publish an example usage contract next if there’s no problems. could be exciting