ERC-7562: Account Abstraction Validation Scope Rules

This is a discussion for ERC-7562 - Add ERC: Account Abstraction Validation Scope Rules by drortirosh · Pull Request #105 · ethereum/ERCs · GitHub

This is an extraction of the Account-Abstraction validation rules out of ERC-4337 itself


Could I get some clarification on how that affects a userop that e.g. calls a contract that only releases funds after a certain block.timestamp? Does this check just get ignored during validation, but still gets run during execution? or does the userop just get dropped?

The validation rules are not checked on-chain.
They are used by bundlers to protect against denial of service attacks: someone who submits a large # of UserOps that go into the mempool, but later fail validation, and thus just waste CPU of bundlers, without ever paying gas fees.

Also, the validation rules only apply to the validation phase. Since once validation is done, the account agreed to pay the gas fees.
The execution is free to do whatever it wants.