ERC-7484: Registry Adapters for Smart Accounts

This EIP proposes a standardised registry adapter for modular smart accounts. The adapter allows the account to query and verify security attestations about a module through an attestation registry. The adapter is responsible for querying the registry and correctly handling the return values.

After having started a dialogue with many of the teams working on modular accounts and/or modules and having received useful feedback on the module registry reference implementation, we have now taken the next step of formalising what we have been working on as a public proposal. The goal of this is increasing the scope and visibility of discussion, receiving more feedback and, ultimately, coming to a consensus about this approach to modular account security.

One major point of discussion that I would like to highlight out of the box is around the tradeoffs of proposing a singleton registry (for more details see the Rationale section of the EIP) and whether this ERC should be more or less restrictive on alternative registries.

Finally, note that this proposal is still in draft and will likely change significantly with input from the community.


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Not sure if we can reuse ethereum attestation service: for schema and attestation parts of the architecture, which anyone could attest on-chain and off-chain.

Yes, our reference implementation Registry took a lot of inspiration from EAS but made some specific modifications for this use case: GitHub - rhinestonewtf/registry

Okay, got it. I just saw the mentioned in FAQ - module registry.

Is there any other way we can leverage EAS and build on top of the existing infrastructure?