ERC-721 Transfer Fee Extension

Hello. Here is yet another proposal for an ERC-721 extension aiming at allowing publishers to collect a fee when an NFT change hand. What is different this time ?

This standard proposal only aim at defining the most generic, interoperable interface and come with a way to guarantee that a future Transfer transaction would not fail due to the lack of an appropriate fee amount being paid.

Nft creators are free to implement any ecosystem they want, and as long as they properly expose their token with this standard, third parties will be able to interact with their pricing mechanism in a “Black-Box” fashion, without having to specifically craft a solution adapted to a single NFT project.

This EIP is gonna be championed by a soon to launch ERC-721 token featuring it’s own, complex pricing mechanism and separate, publisher controlled marketplace, but integrators and third party marketplaces would only need to be aware of this relatively simple ERC-721 extension (Only one new function added, no transaction flow differences) to be able to manipulate this token without issues.

Any input you may have is appreciated, be it technical or conceptual, be it coming from an another NFT publisher or a Wallet/Marketplace.

Once again, the goal is to foster interoperability for NFTs that want a Transfer Fee to be the publisher decision and not the owner’s decision.