ERC-5219 Resolve Mode

Adds an ERC-4804 resolve mode for ERC-5219

PR is here Add EIP: ERC-5219 Resolve Mode by Pandapip1 · Pull Request #6944 · ethereum/EIPs · GitHub

And the gateways and are now supporting the draft. A test contract can be browsed at testnet

The source code of the contract can be found at

@Pandapip1 could you please take a look at the code and see if the gateway is working as intended (including customized response headers)

One more question is regarding URL encoding/decoding, where we should expect the inputs of the following function

function request(string[] memory resource, KeyValue[] memory params) external view returns (uint16 statusCode, string memory body, KeyValue[] headers);

are the UTF-8 encoded string after URL decoding the Web3 URL?

For example, for the following Web3 URL


the sources will be asdfα / 1234 and query of aaa is bar (space before bar).

Could you please confirm this? @Pandapip1