ERC-4804: Questions and Suggestions

I am new to this discussion and may have arrived late. Please bear with me if my questions and comments are repetitive or have already been addressed:

My list of technical questions and suggestions for the EIP-4804 proposal:

  1. How will different applications be able to communicate using the standard URL format, and what technical details should developers be aware of when implementing this format?
  2. Could you provide more information on the benefits of the Web3 URL format beyond interoperability?
  3. Is the Web3 URL format mandatory or optional for developers to implement in their applications?
  4. How would the Web3 URL format impact the development of cross-chain decentralized applications and the ability to interact with multiple blockchain networks simultaneously?
  5. Could you provide more information on potential security implications of the Web3 URL format and how they will be addressed?
  6. Would it be possible to replace the chain ID parameter with an easy-to-read name or code to improve user-friendliness? For example, using “ETH” or “EM” to represent the Ethereum Mainnet.
  7. How does the Web3 URL format proposed in EIP-4804 compare to similar standards that exist on other blockchain networks?
  8. Could the Web3 URL format be adapted for use on other blockchain networks beyond Ethereum, and what modifications would be required?
  9. Are there any plans to collaborate with other blockchain networks or standards bodies to ensure interoperability across different networks?
  10. What potential challenges or limitations could be faced when implementing the Web3 URL format across different blockchain networks, and how could they be addressed?