ERC-3448: MetaProxy Factory

:wave: Let鈥檚 start the discussion around: [ERC] MetaProxy Factory Standard by pinkiebell 路 Pull Request #3448 路 ethereum/EIPs 路 GitHub
Reference Implementation: GitHub - pinkiebell/MetaProxy: Ethereum Meta Proxy Factory (ERC)

Personnal opinion: the tests are really not helping understanding the use of metadata.
I believe it鈥檇 be much clearer if the 鈥渇actory鈥 and the 鈥渋mplementation鈥 were clearly separated.

My intuition tells me that the proxy points to the SimpleMock implementation, because I don鈥檛 see any other contract defined, but I believe an the first 20 bytes of the _metaProxyFromXXX should be the address of the implementation (and whatever is after that should be the metadata).

Restricting your tests to a self replicating contract is not helping beginners.

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Thanks for the feedback. I think the confusion stems from the fact that I use the name factory and in the reference implementation the SimpleMock inherits the _metaProxyFromXXX functionaliy and thus, create a copy of itself (the SimpleMock).
Basically, developers inherit/copy the functionality and use them as they see fit. i.e any contract that implements that exposes their own factory function.

I actually thought about making a universal Factory that could be called from other contracts but refrained from the idea because the EIP should really just specify the bytecode.

But I鈥檓 interested to hear opinions about this. If something like a factory is wanted by developers I might just specify this one too. This could be deployed on the same address on mainnet and testnet networks.