ERC 1812: Ethereum Verifiable Claims

This is the discussion thread for EIP 1812.

The goal is to create standards for Reusable Verifiable Claims using EIP 712 Signed Typed Data.

I will also be at the Council of Paris and would love any feedback in person.


Hi @pelle,
I’m very new to DID so have some questions for this EIP:

  • For the case of DID, who is the issuer? If I’d like to permit to view or update the part of my profile, should the issuer be myself?
  • I’m thinking of ERC721-like profile system using delegate the ownership, not permitting to transfer. ERC721 has metadata attributes to add some off-chain data location. What’s the difference between DID and using ERC721?

Thank you!

Hi pelle, I found your EIP and it has a lot in common with mine. Id like to try work together to perhaps refactor methods “revoke” “isValid” etc to use 1812. Love to hear your thoughts.

For example, my “Permit” Struct is pretty much identical

struct Permit {
		address issuer;
		uint256 start;
		uint256 end;