ERC-1202 Voting Standard and beyond

Official Discussion for ERC 1202 Voting Standard

Dear friends on

Per new EIP requirement, we are moving our official thread for EIP 1202 standard from github issue #1202 to

Please view the lastest draft in my EIP 1202 draft repo, and a published version can be found in official EIP site

Related EIPs to support on-chain governance and society modeling

Here are a few early questions I’d like to ask people here.

  1. Have we had any duplicated EIPs that I overlooked. If not, have anyone attempted to do so, and why it did not continue to exist?
  2. Should each issue have its own smart contract address (like individual item on EIP-721) or should it support multiple items in EIP-1155, or should it support multi-class voting in EIP-1178, EIP-1203 (e.g. certain issue can override another issue)
  3. Should the voting support proxy(e.g EIP-897, EIP-1167) and migration? What are potential security concerns
  4. Should it be proposed in a single phase standard or multiple separate into multiple phase, with earlier phase supporting easiest and simplest interface, and later phase supporting more advanced interfaces? (I intuitively believe it will be the latter, but not sure if it might be possible to do it all-at once.)