EOFv2 aka what "EVM 2.0" could look like

We have been thinking about the a number of proposals which have been made for EOF (most notable around account introspection) and summarised our thoughts in this document:

This gives our view on the roadmap of EOF (v1, and v2 – the final boss :grin:).


Over the past few months this work has evolved in multiple stages:

  1. A longer document describing various options: EOFv2 Design Space - HackMD
  2. A two-staged rollout plan: EOFv1.1 aka EOF rollout Cancun+Prague - HackMD
  3. And now a unified specification covering β€œEOFv2”: "Mega EOF Endgame" Specification - HackMD

There’s more discussion on this at: EVM Object Format (EOF)