Enterprise Feedback Process

Hello, I’m new here, so hope this is the right place to post this.

Quick background: I’m semi-connected with the Baseline Protocol team (although am not working for them officially at the moment), and heard some talk on the topic of “how can feedback from enterprises be gathered and turned into proposals for changes to the core Ethereum protocol”…

I made this Proof of Concept site: https://eip.design as the possible beginning of a way of doing this, but from further conversations and research, I’m not sure if it is the best way to move things forward. The idea is for an ‘Enterprise friendly’ dashboard through which feedback would come to the core protocol devs (i.e. first and foremost to @MicahZoltu and then to the core devs if appropriate).

Any thoughts or feedback (or collaboration GitHub - unegma/eip.design) would be most appreciated, either way, I am interested in helping bridge the gap between enterprise Tech leads (who are on a very specific ‘frontline’, and may or may not know a lot about blockchain tech), and the Ethereum team itself (who I’d hope would benefit from this kind of feedback ‘supply-chain’).

I don’t think you want me to be a gate to protocol improvements.

If you are working with Enterprises who have access to resources, I think becoming (or sending or sponsoring) a contributor is probably the best course of action. There are a ton of protocol changes that are desired and even planned out, but we simply do not have the engineering manpower to formally specify or implement them all.