Enabling tags on this Forum

I am enabling tabs on the website as per Issue #11 at https://github.com/ethereum-magicians/scrolls/issues/11.

Please comment below about best practices for tags (this is also opened up as a wiki post). Here are my thoughts:

  • How tags fit in:
    • Let’s keep using categories, and use tags for interesting sub-categories, cross-referencing, and commentary.
  • Main conventions:
    • Use singular tags where possible
    • Keep them lower-cased
    • Dashes replace spaces, within reason (favoring readability)
  • When referencing an EIP category, use the following conventions:
    • “core-eip” for Core EIPs, “meta-eip” for Meta EIPs, etc.
    • “eip-1066” for a specific EIP
  • When referencing another category, use the following conventions:
    • “xyz-ring” for XYZ Ring
    • “eip-last-call” for the “EIPs: Last Call” subcategory, etc
  • Humor is fine, within reason.


Also, EIPs/ERCs directly — eg #erc1066

Events - #councilofberlin #devcon4

BTW — as a user, you can subscribe / watch tags in the same as top level categories. So maybe you don’t care about all EIPs, but just the token ones, you can subscribe to #tokens

You can also mute tags.

Read the Discourse blog post:

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@jpitts looks like permissions are set so that regular users can’t do tags. At least, I can’t create any :slight_smile:

Ok, this needed an adjustment of the minimum trust level in order to create new tags. It should work now for users who have been participating here on the Forum.

Not working for me yet.

Works now! We have tags you can link #council-of-prague