EmbeddedMultiCall (Multicall without onchain contract deployment)

I created a Multicall code that can be used to collect information from several contracts (offchain) using eth_call() but with a single RPC call for all. This is similar to Makerdaos’ Multicall but it doesn’t need the deployment of the Multicall contract onchain, and therefore you can modify it to gather other information.

You can find more information on how it works in the project readme.

If you want to contribute adding web3 interfaces (web3.js or nethermind), please do it with a PR.


I made the repo public now (it was private by mistake)

Out of curiosity: How does executing any inline code (not just this example) works for Ethereum JSON-RPC? What kind of code payloads are supported?

You can execute any payload. Your can simulate any transaction. You don’t need to sign the transaction in order to pass it to eth_call()

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