EL Merge Client Release Naming

“The Merge” refers to the process of moving Ethereum to proof of stake. This includes, roughly:

  1. Releasing EL and CL clients which support this functionality;
  2. The network difficulty on Ethereum exceeding the TERMINAL TOTAL DIFFICULTY;
  3. The first post-PoW blocks being created by validators using their EL + CL node combination;
  4. Ethereum finalizing post-merge.

The CL clients have chosen the name Bellatrix for (1). I’m opening this thread to discuss the options for EL clients to name their equivalent release.

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echo “Bellatrix” | rev


Looks good on the panda merge meme :slight_smile:

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Malaspina Glacier.

It is a composite glacier being fed mostly by Seward Glacier and Agassiz Glacier, i.e. it is the glacier that is a merger of multiple glaciers.

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imho the fork should be named Paris


We should call it “Finally.”


I am in favor of finally using “Serenity” for an official release. I realize that Serenity has generally referred to both the upgrade to PoS and the introduction of sharding, but I think merging the EL and CL is momentous enough to overlook that :slight_smile:


Serenity was also my initial thought but I would be careful with it. It might be confusing for the public since it is widely understood as ‘Eth 2.0’, with sharding as you say.

Execution layer scheme: City names

Consensus layer scheme: Star names

Merge is about EL and CL coming together, therefore a “merge” or “compromise” between cities and stars would be a logical choice. What’s between the earth and the stars? We got the athmosphere, planets, solar system, asteroids, etc. (the only nearby star would be our sun but I think we’d all oppose calling the update “SOL”). Continuing that train of thought maybe “Horizon” would be a cool name? “The Horizon fork”, all about going beyond the horizon. I dunno. Kinda fits with earlier fork names like Homestead and Frontier.

Otherwise take the name of a fictional city from SciFi that’s settled somewhere in space?

What about Los Angeles as the City of Stars? Thus we combine a name of a city with a hint to the stars.

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Holocene, the period after glaciers. From the Greek for words for whole and new. Led to a flourishing of human civilization.

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@shemnon ice age delay upgrades have been two word glacier names.

Recent execution layer upgrades have used single Devcon city names:

Being a diver I suggest Halocline.

This is the place where 2 different substances meet.


Either Tigris or Euphrates

A big and important merge: the end of something and the beginning of something else.

To celebrate the end:

  • Terminus (‘end of transportation line’, fits nicely with old testnet metro station names)

To celebrate the beginning:

  • Origin
  • Sprout
  • Inception
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Best proposal of this thread so far is Serenity - just a running gag on behalf of the initial Ethereum roadmap (Frontier, Homestead, Metropolis, Serenity), super suitable for EL clients :hear_no_evil:

Notably, we only named hardforks after city names because they were all part of the initial Metropolis milestone; we are leaving Metropolis now and entering Serenity. :smiley:

Runner-up is “Halocline” it’s both a beautiful term and a adequate metaphor.