EIP to cap the ETH spend on gas in one TX

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what is the sentiment here about an EIP that limits the amount of ETH spend on gas for one TX?


I am very curious to read any suggestions on how such cap would be defined

perhaps something conservative like:
if the gas price is more than 100x the maximum gas price from the last block

Since it is a mistake done by the user, why Ethereum does not provide any payback/refund mechanism?

Because Ethereum is not a centrally controlled bank. It’s in Ethereum design (and I believe in everyone’s interest) that no central decision can revert a transaction. The miner can always decide to be nice and refund, but for the community to force him to refund would take a fork.

I believe that rather than questionning the protocol (Ethereum) you should consider questionning the wallet. What application sets the gas price to 0.1eth?

this is not really what is discussed here - I agree refund is not an option - was an idea of the user - and I agree this is not a good idea.

I think it was not a wallet but a programming mistake. There where multiple transactions sending too much fee: https://www.reddit.com/r/ethereum/comments/as7ejb/reminder_be_careful_while_developing_someone_just
Also this account does not look like it was managed by a wallet - it looks like automatic actions.

So I think solving it on the protocol layer is a good option. Not by allowing reverts obviously - but by adding a cap to the ETH that can be spend for gas (as the title of this post).
I think this could improve the UX of Ethereum. This is not the first time this happened - and I think users of ethereum that stepped into this problem did not really like the experience :wink:

PS: I think building on top of this EIP: https://github.com/ethereum/EIPs/issues/1559 would make thinks much easier.
So we do not need to care for the sliding window - we could just cap the premium

Build this into the clients, not the protocol…

I am not sure if a client was used in this case - might have just been a buggy script

I’ve seen at least speculation that this was an on-purpose attempt at some kind of ETH laundering. Possible to not broadcast the transaction and just mine blocks yourself until you’re able to win one that includes it?

What about having defined gwei rates? (Slower/Slow/Fast/Fastest) with each one costing a set amount of ethereum?

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Something for clients to implement, not the protocol.