EIP # Linagee Name Registrar and Ethereum Content Delivery Network

Hey everyone. I will shortly be submitting an EIP outlining the standard used by Linagee Name Registrar. Specifically how their permanent nature affects their utilization for address mapping and decentralized content delivery networks (CDNs).

The original contract is quite old (Aug. 8, 2015) which is another reason it requires such an in depth EIP.

Could someone please let me know if I should be making a pr to the eip or erc repo.

Also, let me know your comments on the eip below. Thanks!

Repo: https://github.com/Linagee-Name-Registrar/ERC/blob/main/linagee_eip.md

ERCs are app layer so you should create a PR in the ERC repo.

As a general guide to EIP/ERC process:

Thanks! That’s what I was thinking but I wasn’t positive. I appreciate the help and resources.

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