EIP idea: Context-Dependent Multi-Asset and Multi-Tokens (Combination of ERC5773 and ERC1155)

We are developing a project using ERC1155 and would like to implement the ERC1155 standard with the multimedia output and FT evolution features of ERC5773.

Although ERC5773 is based on ERC721, we believe that multimedia output and evolution features in fungible tokens like ERC1155 are equally in demand and can be applied to various cases.

We want to get valuable feedback from the community.


Inspired by the multimedia output and evolution capabilities of NFTs found in ERC5773, we aim to extend the ERC1155 standard.


Our motivation aligns closely with that of ERC5773.

Request for Feedback

Do you think this proposal has the potential to be accepted as an EIP and reach Final status? Also, are there any important considerations for submitting an EIP that might not be outlined in the guidelines?

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ERCs aren’t for product promotion. Find some other projects doing similar where standardizing would make sense.

Check out the following guide:

Thank you for your comment.
I understood ERCs aren’t for product promotion, but I didn’t recognize that finding other projects doing similar things is important to proceed on Final.

I’ll submit the proposal for this idea after researching some projects.

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Having multiple independent implementations isn’t a requirement, it is just recommended. An ERC will be far more useful & stronger if multiple projects need it & work out the issues for using it.