EIP Fun Newsletter #50: PeerDAS

Hi,everyone! I am Zoe from EIP Fun. EIP Fun strives to be the developer relation platform for Ethereum core developers and an adoption accelerator for ERC standards and projects. Our mission to Serve Ethereum Builders, and Scale the Community.

We’d like to share our newsletter with all Magicians this week to kick off our journey! Your thoughts and discussions are welcome. If there are specific topics you’d like us to cover, please reach out to @EIPFun .

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:studio_microphone: ACDC #134 Insights: Pectra Devnet 0 launch and scope expansion to include PeerDAS and SSZ code changes.
:sparkles: Hot EIPs: ERC-7208 (On-chain Data Container) and ERC-7496 (NFT Dynamic Traits).
:love_letter: PeerDAS: Enhancing Ethereum’s security and robustness.

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