EIP (ERC) Proposal: NFT Breeding Standard

Based on what we are developing at Breedchain.xyz, this is a proposal of a standard to interact with breeding of ERC 721/1155-based tokens.

Breeding occurs after confirmation of ownership of a pair of ERC 721/1155 tokens of a same collection, generating a third token (offspring).

This EIP proposal promotes collection-agnostic contracts that support breeding of multiple NFT collections and the option to charge specific minting fees for different collections.

Token functions proposed are:

breedCount - Retrieves the breed count of a certain NFT;
breedLimit - Retrieves the breeding limit of a certain NFT collection;
getParenthood - Retrieves X’s id and Y’s id (and their native NFT contract address) of a certain token;
breedPrice - Retrieves the standard ETH price to breed of a certain NFT collection;
breedPriceToken - Retrieves the price to breed of a certain NFT collection, in a specific ERC-20 token;
breed - Breeds an NFT.

Examples of possible descentralized applications built on top of this standard are:

  • Browser plugins and explorer to show breeding count of NFTs

  • NFT rarity and property explorers

  • Breeding cost and limit calculators

  • Breeding integrations with NFT marketplaces

  • Gamified breeding experiences

  • Etc

Functions’ parameters can be found in detail here: https://docs.breedchain.xyz/for-developers#token-functions

In what regards metadata, apart from the specific attributes native to each of the supported collections, we add some standard attributes specific to our BREED collection:

  • Parenthood information - who are the parents, X and Y, of the BREED)

  • Parenthood contract information - from which contract the parent NFTs belong

  • Original contract information - from which contract the lineage started

  • Generation - the more a lineage breeds, the higher the generation (example: children of original NFTs of an original collection are part of the 1st generation, whereas their children will be members of the 2nd generation etc )

If feedback is positive, a more detailed EIP draft will be designed. Thanks for your attention.