EIP DRAFT: Extending ERC1155 with rentable usage rights

The traditional ERC721 and ERC1155 focus more on ownership. However, NFTs as digital assets are more prominent in use than ownership. Taking artistic NFTs as an example, NFT artists may wish to rent out the use rights of their works to media companies in the allotted time, or NFT musicians may wish to make their music available to listeners as per playing duration.

Therefore, to better serve NFT developers to meet such needs and develop more sophisticated NFT products, we propose directly introducing rentable usage rights to complement the ERC standard.

There is similar accomplishment in eip-2615 which extended ERC721. But can’t reach the charactor of ERC1155.

good to see this. I am searching for rentable ERC1155 fulfilment, do you have definable rent rights ? In some cases , i want to rent out the NFT picture many times at the same time whereas others only once.

sure you need to assign the amount of rent rights, from 1 to any number you like.
the corresponding function as follows:

     * @notice Function to rent out usage rights
     * @param from The address to approve
     * @param to The address to rent the NFT usage rights
     * @param id The id of the current token
     * @param amount The amount of usage rights
     * @param expires The specified period of time to rent
    function safeRent(
        address from,
        address to,
        uint256 id,
        uint256 amount,
        uint256 expires
    ) external;

So you have finished the contract code right? hope to have function list of the contract .