EIP-7732: Enshrined Proposer-Builder Separation (ePBS)

Creating a topic for discussions EIP-7732

Full design notes are included in this document:

The Python full specification is included in


Great to see ePBS kick off👏, we’re following the topic with great interest, over at the EPFsg.

some questions on design:

  • was the urge to “fix the bug” the reason you’re proposing block auction ePBS? Because there are debates on the fact that we’re just going to move MEVboost market structure (that is considered the bug, right?), in-protocol.
  • is your envisioned pipeline something like ePBS->slot auctions->ET?

Thank you

The current bug is the existence of a forced trusted player in an otherwise trustless blockchain. As the document states, we aim to solve this issue in a minimal viable way. Other designs like slot auctions and/or execution ticket may be better, but I at least do not know how to actually implement them. As you delve into the minutiae of actually writing the python spec you’ll see that there are many edge cases that need to be considered. The current spec still has many of those. It seems to me that both slot auctions and execution tickets can be an iteration from ePBS and actually are simpler to specify once ePBS is in place, so given the urgency prompted by the problems we are seeing right now on mainnet is that I want to deploy a bug fix and focus on theoretical design in parallel/future.

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