EIP-7718: Portal Wire Protocol a framework for discv5

This Post is a draft, but the core subject matter is likely to remain unchanged

Discv5 (Node Discovery Protocol v5) is a protocol used by the consensus later and soon to be used by the execution layer to find nodes on the network. Discv5 is an extendable protocol which allows building new protocols on top of it, utilizing TalkRequests, which is a message type of Discv5.

This EIP proposes a framework over Discv5 called the Portal Wire Protocol, a generic framework which allows building new DHT networks referred to as Overlay Networks these Overlay Networks inherit the performance optimizations of the base Portal Wire implementation, well also accelerating the development of new Overlay Networks networks. Overlay Networks each maintain their own Kademlia DHT routing table.

EIP Draft can be found here: Add EIP: Portal Wire Protocol a framework for discv5 by KolbyML · Pull Request #8629 · ethereum/EIPs · GitHub

More information can be found in this specification