EIP-7716: Anti-correlation attestation penalties

EIP-7716: Anti-correlation attestation penalties

  • Adjust penalties for missed attestations based on in-slot correlation of missed attestation

The rational behind this EIP is the following:

  • Economics of scale come with correlations
    • no matter if running many validators from the same node, in the same country, on servers of the same cloud providers, the same ISP provider, the same client, etc.
  • Economies of scale make it harder for solo stakers to compete with large node operators.
  • With in-protocol incentives that foster diversivication, decentralization (and increased fault-tolerance thorugh, e.g. DVTs), the protocol can become more decentralized/credible neutral/censorship resistant.
  • Escaping high-correlations comes with costs (moving nodes into a diverse set of geo locations, using different cloud providers, setting up a fault-tolerant DVT cluster, etc).
  • Based on prior analysis, the impact on large centralized parties is negative while small-scale participants (e.g. solo stakers or rocketpool node operators) benefit.

More content on the EIP here (EthBerlin hackathon project):

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