EIP-7703: Increase Calldata Cost

replaces eip-7623 which is insecure

Dear @wjmelements:
Is there any practical analysis data of the past numbers? what this would bring to the ledger in practical terms? (e. g. you had it 4 times before now its 3 just because of assigned EIP number)

  • How many TXs would have been affected in the last time range by such a change from all TXs in gas terms?
  • How much would they increase in size?
  • If it “allows a higher block gas limit” at the same time calldata price goes up and fills that gap - so what is expected to change?

No. But anecdotally, builders are discriminating against large calldata transactions because they bring more delay-risk than the gas pays for.

all of the ones with calldata

I don’t understand your question.

Higher gas limit, lower gas prices, cheaper execution gas.

all of the ones with call-data
(1) but how may are there in say a week with call data? (in occupied bock gas proportion to TXs without call-data)

I don’t understand your question.
say gas is space in a block - you increase call-data cost, then TXs with call data take more space in a block. Yet imagine people can not stop using that exact same TXs and call-data still is used in exactly in same volume. So how much that propotion in (1) would change?

The proportion of gas used for calldata would increase if there is no change in behavior.