EIP-7620: EOF - Contract Creation Instructions

Discussion topic for EIP-7620: EOF - Contract Creation Instructions.

EIP-7620 adds CREATE3/4 EOFCREATE and TXCREATE opcodes and EOF contract creation specs, as previously specced out in the “Mega EOF Endgame” spec (aka “Megaspec”).

Hi, have you considered that “CREATE3 opcode” will collide in naming with CREATE+CREATE2 combos named as CREATE3?

This will confuse new devs reading older hints / tutorials / SO.

Since these opcodes are for EOF contracts, while CREATE and CREATE2 are not to be used, it might make sense to discontinue sequence in naming, as well.

CREATE3/4 is just temporary naming which kind of sunk in. Renaming is still an option, good point about the other CREATE3 here.