EIP-7557: Block-level Warming

A mechanism for a fair distribution of the gas costs associated with access to addresses and storage slots among multiple transactions with shared items in their accessList.


Could you please provide further elaboration on that?

This sounds like an interesting direction, and economically makes sense! Love to collaborate if it helps

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@Mani-T Sure, I updated the message with a link to the pull request with the EIP itself.
@xinbenlv thanks!

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Great idea. Attempting to pave the way for a fairer system.

Great work! This will enhance the fairness of the whole Ethereum network, and also reduce gas cost significantly.

I have two questions here:

  1. Is this inspired by zkSync fee refunds? I think there are slight differences, but the motivations seem to be similar.

  2. In the pseudo code of reimbursement of priority fee, why do the two most expensive transactions have the same contribution to the reimbursement?

I love this. I think it’s necessary and overall fair for smart contract wallets to survive.