EIP-7099: Off-chain Checks


Low cost distribution of ERC-20 tokens with off-chain check writing and batched or bundled mint.

PR: Add EIP: Offchain Checks by civia-code · Pull Request #7099 · ethereum/EIPs (github.com)

This is very useful for creating blockchain games. Besides ERC20, is it compatible with ERC1155? Also, I would like to know if it’s possible to destroy Checks before they have been minted on the chain. It would be great if it can provide such flexibility.

Yes, we are indeed considering the off-chain SBT checks protocol, and we have taken reference from the implementation of ERC-1155. We believe that this protocol is highly valuable in the domain of SBT distribution.

Sure, users simply need to invoke the contract with a zero amount check to invalidate certain checks that originally have a specific amount. Similar to the regular process, this operation requires consecutive IDs and a valid signature.