EIP-6914: Reuse Withdrawn Validator Indices

Discussion thread for EIP-6914

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I would like to dispute the concern over data complexity to handle AttesterSlashings with pubkeys.

The maximum data increase in blocks due AttesterSlashing using pubkeys instead of indexes (for networks with more than 262144 validators, with 2 AttesterSlashing per block, 2 IndexedAttestations per AttesterSlashing)

(48 - 8) * (validator_count / 32 / 64) * 2 * 2
validator_count block size increase
500,000 39kB
1,000,000 78kB
1,500,000 117kB
2,000,000 156kB

Considering that the network only has to handle this data load for sustained periods of time, in exceptional circumstances it does not sound unreasonable. Experiments motivated for eip4844 have shown that the network is perfectly capable of handling this data load.

Wrote some thoughts on the question to adopt the EIP or just use an engineering approach.


  • Is unbounded beacon state growth actually a problem? Long term yes
  • Can it be solved with engineering solutions (no EIP)? Not entirely
  • Should we adopt EIP-6914? Maybe, in several years

I recognise that you note the ecosystem consideration of breaking the ability to identify validators by index. I just want to add an additional bid for not breaking this, or at least taking the cost into account. Applications relying on one-index-one-validator will, if this EIP is adopted, need to run a migration of their state. This may be costly and error prone especially if they are based on historical/archive data. (This is in addition to the ongoing relative space cost of using pubkeys instead afterwards.)