EIP-684 Revert on address collision

This post refers to the PR Add EIP: Prevent overwriting contracts by RenanSouza2 · Pull Request #6784 · ethereum/EIPs · GitHub

edit: The eip 6784 was closed,
The valid PR is Add EIP: Revert creation in case of collision by RenanSouza2 · Pull Request #6733 · ethereum/EIPs · GitHub

Second edit: this is no longer the post for the PR, it stays the original EIP-6733 revert contract creation on address collision

A few days ago I made a proposal EIP-6733, which is the same as EIP-684 that was not doccumented as a markdown file, this fixes it

Another problem, this EIP is not mentioned in the yellowpaper, how is the management of that document?

Let’s just add EIP-684 without coming up with a new number.

Yes, their final decision was the same