EIP-6672: Multi-redeemable NFTs

This EIP proposes an extension to the ERC-721 standard for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to enable multi-redeemable NFTs. This extension would allow an NFT to be redeemed in multiple scenarios for either physical or digital objects and maintain a record of its redemption status on the blockchain.


ERC-5560 enables only one-time redemption of an NFT, which means the same NFT cannot be re-used for another redemption from different campaigns or events.

Proposed Improvement

  • Utilize the combination of _operator, _tokenId, and _redemptionId as the key in the redemption flag key-value pairs where _operator is the operator wallet address,tokenId is the identifier of the token that has been redeemed, and _redemptionId is redemption identifier set by the operator.
  • Additionally, to provide more granular information about a redemption, redemptions key-value pairs is added to the “ERC-721 Metadata Extension”. The key format for the redemptions key-value pairs MUST be standardized as operator-tokenId-redemptionId The value of the key operator-tokenId-redemptionId is an object that contains the status and description of the redemption.
    • The redemption status can have a more granular level, rather than just being a flag with a true or false value, e.g. redeemed, paid, or shipping.
    • The redemption description can be used to provide more details about the redemption, such as information about the concert ticket, a detailed description of the action figures, and more.

ERC-6672: Multi-redeemable NFTs with BoYu Chu