EIP-6465: SSZ Withdrawals Root

Discussion thread for EIP-6465: SSZ withdrawals root

EIP-4895 reference:


Split from EIP-6404: SSZ Transactions Root

Relevant channel: #typed-transactions on ETH R&D Discord

I would personally much rather see all the SSZ changes in 1 EIP. It will be easier to discuss and reason about.

Splitting the changes into multiple EIPs allows more rollout flexibility; it is not necessary to bundle them in the same release.

This also allows more focused discussion on individual topics. For example, the Union/Onion vs normalized type discussion does not affect withdrawals. And the SSZ Optional may be useful irrespective of the root format in the execution block header, e.g., for EIP-4844.

However, I can also understand the desire to see all changes on 1 page, though. Hopefully, once the PRs are merged, Core | Ethereum Improvement Proposals can be used to regain that overview.

I’m just speaking from the experience of EOF – I think the fractured spec caused much more trouble than was worth. Plus I generally don’t think we should move the accumulators to SSZ piecewise and should instead do them all together.

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