EIP-6372: Contract Clock

Following the work on EIP-5805, we decided to spin off the clock part as its own EIP


Hey @Amxx I have a few questions/suggestions if you dont mind:

Why state that it must be “not decreasing” — why not say monotonically increasing?

Their does not seem to be support for sub second precision, which is actually available in Quorum.

I have seen contracts that actually use different time standards than the normal civilian UTC

I have seen use cases for having timestamps in WAD

I also have a proposal still in draft for a different timestamp unit

Finally, GitHub - bokkypoobah/BokkyPooBahsDateTimeLibrary: Gas-Efficient Solidity DateTime Library is the Gold standard in terms of date and time libraries out there. Its been rigorously tested and audited. Its based off of the US Naval Observatory specifications and fwiw NTP is directly dependent upon them for accuracy etc.

If your available to talk on telegram my username is @sambacha