EIP-6145 Proposal #Hashtag NFT Collective Royalty Treasury

EIP - #Hashtag NFT Collective Royalty Treasury

A standardized way to deposit, withdraw and retrieve creator fee (“royalty”) information associated with a human readable name - this standard enables universal support for royalty payments across social networks, NFT marketplaces and ecosystem participants, its generic design can be implemented on any EVM compatible blockchain and its specific implementation is intended to associate royalties with a hashtag (#) name, however, it is highly versatile and can be used to attribute royalties for any Ethereum address, for example, an NFT.

Implementation Addresses

We have implemented this proposed standard on the following blockchains.

# Contract Name Blockchain Address
1 HashtagNFTCollectiveTreasury Ethereum 0xe4E9ae2D65008d171A07C12F20D5a5d62Fb31776
Moonbeam 0xA50e98f9cb301c04B9BB34d1BD95c2Dc8F3e8Ff3
Moonriver 0xA50e98f9cb301c04B9BB34d1BD95c2Dc8F3e8Ff3
Celo 0x72824902d75F9832002c7907DF61a60A4AB801C9
Unique 0xA50e98f9cb301c04B9BB34d1BD95c2Dc8F3e8Ff3
Quartz 0xA50e98f9cb301c04B9BB34d1BD95c2Dc8F3e8Ff3
2 HashtagNFTCollectiveResolver Ethereum 0xA50e98f9cb301c04B9BB34d1BD95c2Dc8F3e8Ff3
Moonbeam 0x9a6Cba29cc0cA4f18990F32De15aae08819F4cD0
Moonriver 0x9a6Cba29cc0cA4f18990F32De15aae08819F4cD0
Celo 0xdEc0F21665065e0c67b8eD107b1767c95cC4A763
Unique 0x9a6Cba29cc0cA4f18990F32De15aae08819F4cD0
Quartz 0x9a6Cba29cc0cA4f18990F32De15aae08819F4cD0

Further implementation details may be found in the Livetree repository here.

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Hi, did you share your EIP to GitHub - ethereum/EIPs: The Ethereum Improvement Proposal repository ?

Would be better if you shared just link to your EIP instead of pasting whole EIP here


Thank you @anett !

I did attempted to do so but the process took me here. Do you have some instructions on how I can generate the appropriate EIP < NUMBER > and how I can add it to the repo?

EIP number will get assigned by the EIP Editors when you submit your EIP to ethereum/EIPs repo

EIP Tutorial:

Write your EIP using EIP template
Then create to ethereum/EIPs
Afterwards share the link to Eth Magicians forum to gather community feedback
EIP editors will assign the EIP number to it

Do not copy paste the EIP itself to FEM forum, post just overview and link to the EIP itself

You can find more information on EIP process in the EIP All Info page, it includes EIP Guidelines and EIP specific group chats


Hey @anett

Thanks very much for the info.

Created the PR but it seems the Bot has thrown it out

  • Do we now just await for the PR to be reviewed?

I just submitted an eip draft and have the same question

It does get picked up @5cent-AI by reviewers and they assign the PR number as the EIP number. Be sure to make sure you pass the auto check bots it is a bit finicky. Hope this of of some help.

@anett it appears as if my PR and EIP are now good Add EIP-6145: Hashtag NFT Collective Royalty Treasury by livetreetech · Pull Request #6145 · ethereum/EIPs · GitHub it is linked to this discussion thread. What are next steps? Thanks.

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