EIP-5606: Multiverse NFTs for digital asset interoperability

This specification defines a minimal interface to create a multiverse NFT standard for digital assets such as wearables and in-game items that, in turn, index the delegate NFTs on each platform where this asset exists. These platforms could be metaverses, play-to-earn games or NFT marketplaces. This proposal depends on and extends EIP-721 and EIP-1155.

The ERC specification defines an interface, which acts as an abstract layer on top of existing NFTs that we call a ‘Multiverse NFT’. A multiverse NFT indexes a digital asset and tracks its various incarnations across different metaverse platforms, games and such. We call the individual representations of this digital asset on the various platforms ‘delegate NFTs’. The standard also allows for the ‘bundling’ and ‘unbundling’ of these delegate NFTs within the multiverse NFT so holders can trade them individually or as a bundle.

status: Draft

type: Standards Track

category: ERC

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Might be worth looking into EIP-4955: Vendor Specific Metadata Extension for Non-Fungible Tokens. Not exactly the same, but seems related.

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Thanks for that! This is quite relevant, it is trying to solve a similar use case, and the NFTs implementing our standard - “Multiverse NFTs” - can use this metadata schema.

While EIP-4955 only deals with a few new schema entries for NFT metadata, our EIP encompasses a new NFT standard, which allows the ownership of the child NFTs on the various metaverses through bundling and unbundling! Hence, it goes beyond the EIP-4955 and adds much more functionality to the implementation.

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