EIP-5375 - NFT Authorship

This is the discussion thread for EIP-5375, an EIP that provides a standardized JSON field for author information, in addition to Author Consent Proofs (ACPs), which prove that an address agreed to be named as the author.
Link to the PR


It might be useful to add EIP-165 support to this EIP.

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Definitely, give us a couple days and we’ll add it!

Edit: Luca and I have discussed it and we believe that EIP-165 is not necessary, mostly due to two reasons:

  • The EIP-165 identifier is computed using contract function signatures, but EIP-5375 does not add any functions;
  • Requiring modifications to supportsInterface() would mean that all existing contracts would need to be updated.
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Moving from Draft to Review!
You can find the new PR here.