EIP-5027: Unlimit contract code size

eip: 5027
title: Unlimit contract code size
author: Qi Zhou @qizhou
discussions-to: TBD
status: Draft
type: Standards
Track category: Core
created: 2022-04-21
requires: EIP-170


Unlimit the contract code size so that users can deploy a large-code contract without worrying about splitting the contract into several sub-contracts.

I think you’re going to get a ton of pushback from core devs on this. I’d recommend bringing this up in the Eth R&D discord to gather some consensus before going forward with standardization.

This is not an argument against your proposal, just a note for any developer wanting to deploy large-code contracts:

Aribtrum allows for unlimited contract code size.

You can get the Ethereum security (Arbitrum is a Layer 2) with an inifite contracted size today.

Glad to know that Arbitrum has already enabled this. Out of curiosity, I am wondering if Arbritum has a customized solc to support this feature. I know that current solc will stop compilation if the contract size exceeds 24KB.

Thanks for the suggestion. Just joined!

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