EIP-4972: Name Owned Account

eip: 4972
title: Name Owned Account
description: Name Owned Account for Social Identity
author: Qi Zhou (@qizhou)
discussions-to: EIP-4972: Name Owned Account
status: Draft
type: Standards Track
category: ERC
created: 2022-04-04
requires: 20, 721


This ERC proposes a new type of account - name-owned account (NOA) that is controlled by the owner of the name besides existing externally-owned account (EOA) and contract account (CA). With the new account type, users will be able to transfer/receive tokens using the name-derived address directly instead of the address of the name owner. A NOA can be as a social identity with all states on-chain even under 3rd-party or self custody. It also simplifies porting the social identity from one custody to another.


Can you update the code link? The link is not working.

Just updated accordingly.

Does this conflict with ENS ?

No, it doesn’t conflict with ENS. The idea is actually inspired by ENS. ENS can serve as the name service to prove the name ownership.

Should this standard also include an ERC-165 implementation?

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Yes, will update accordingly.