EIP-4938: Removal of GetNodeData

This is the discussion thread for EIP-4938.

If I want to implement Beam Sync (each time DB does not have a trie node, use GetNodeData to retrieve said node) if this EIP is activated, then I should use GetTrieNodes of snap/1, right? However, I am slightly confused how I should upgrade here. As I understand correctly, I should query by path, but since I don’t have the full trie then I cannot query said path, only partial paths? Am I correct that the path here is the path in the trie? (So starting from root we move down the trie in order to reach an account leaf)

EDIT: Maybe I’m wrong here, and path is actually the path in the trie? So it would work the same as GetNodeData?

According to the snap protocol spec, the path here refers to the partial path from root to node.

More detail devp2p/snap.md at master · ethereum/devp2p · GitHub