EIP 4353: Viewing Staked Tokens in NFT

I’m staking tokens on NFTs and would like an interface to get the amount of tokens staked by tokenId.

The proof-of-concept / prototype NFT did hold value / amount of tokens that were successfully transferred. Within the smart contract, an amount is mapped to tokenId, so I can get the value from an individual token in a custom manner.

However, I’m wanting the ability to see if other tokens on other contracts are staked for my UI/UX. For my purposes, value is only added at mint, and the token amount does not change-- this could vary on other implementations where proof-of-stake or post-mint deposits occur.

Any thoughts how retrieving token deposit / amount / staked could be accessed from web3? Does this already exist or could it become an EIP?

EIP issue was opened at:

Before going ahead and standardizing something, please launch your own product and then after that build the case for why other people need to do this the exact same way you did it.

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The product is available on the Apple AppStore under “Iconic Apps”, there are two apps in production beta undergoing finalization. The tokens are bound to NFTs at mint and in my use case the tokens are never able to be disassociated from commodity NFTs. In this way, we can ensure NFTs will remain with their assigned token amounts.

The primary impetus for my request is the need to display token values on an explorer and elsewhere including wallets and marketplaces. Although my app is not in its intended final state (it will be undergoing improvements to its tokenomics in the coming weeks), I encourage others to try and view staked token balances on NFTs to encounter the issue I am facing.

Hi. I think any kind of NFT staking is interesting and have implemented different variations in several products I’ve built over the last few years.

I guess my question is why does this need to be a standard and why now? It seems like you can definitely implement this interface and provide documentation for marketplaces and wallets to support but right now it seems very specific to your product. If there seemed to be interest in this standard I think it makes sense. But permanently staked ERC20 tokens tied to NFTs seems very one off, no?