EIP-42 : Proposition of the T-REX token standard for securities


We would like to propose the T-REX token standard, which is currently used by Tokeny Solutions, as ERC-42. This standard is used to tokenize securities and is based on ERC-20, on top of which we added 2 permission layers :

  • the first permission layer being linked to the identity of the transaction’s receiver and its eligibility following preset rules defined by the token issuer (using ERC 734/735 for the identities and checking if the required claims are present on the identity and are signed by the trusted claim issuers)
  • the second permission layer being based on global restictions applied to the token as such, e.g. maximum amount of token volume per day, maximum amount of token holders, …

You can find the complete description of the EIP-42 here GitHub - TokenySolutions/EIP42: proposition of the eip42 standard for security tokens

Thanks in advance for your consideration and your feedbacks :slight_smile:


it would be great to have the feedback of some members of the community on this, it would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

EIP-42 isn’t a valid EIP number.

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why not? can you give me a link stating about the rules to chose a valid EIP number in this case?

Please see this section of EIP-1: https://github.com/ethereum/EIPs/blob/master/EIPS/eip-1.md#eip-header-preamble

EIP number (this is determined by the EIP editor)

An editor must assign the EIP number to you, it is not correct to select a number.

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Ok thank you, i was not aware of that. I will leave it like that for the moment but mention that the final number needs to be determined by an EIP editor (i put a note on the github to mention the fact that we are using the EIP n° 42 until we have a final number… for the topic on the forum, i cannot edit the title anymore, but the important point is more about the content than the number)
If you have any comment on the content of the proposition i would be happy to discuss about it :slight_smile:

How can i proceed to get an EIP editor looking at this? It’s been pending for weeks now…

What is your PR number?

topic replaced by EIP-3643 : Proposition of the T-REX token standard for securities