EIP-3664: Next Generation Game NFT Standard

In this proposal, we created the gNFT standard, which makes up for the problem that ERC-1155 can only support packed transfer and unchangeable attributes of NFTs. gNFT can make the attributes in the game props have four characteristics: transferable, upgradeable, changeable and evolvable. By using ERC-3664 standard NFTs in game, players are able to complete almost all operations on props only through smart contracts!

For details, please check EIPs/eip-3664.md at master · DRepublic-io/EIPs (github.com)

Also, suggestions are welcome! Let’s make game NFT standard stronger:)

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Would you mind updating the first post to link directly to the PR in the ethereum/EIPs repository?

The TransferSingle and TransferBatch events shadow the names of the EIP-1155 interface. While they might not conflict on a technical level (maybe they do, I’m not sure), I would propose renaming them to AttributeTransferSingle and AttributeTransferBatch to make it clear what is being transferred.

Reusing balanceOf to read the value of an attribute seems a bit misleading. Maybe choosing a different name (ex. attachedTo) would make it more clear?